Thursday, October 19, 2017

The way of hope

the way of hope, a fresh perspective on sexual identity, same sex marriage and the church, by Melissa fisher.  The topic of homosexuality and same sex marriage are is hard topic to discuss within the church. It is often one that has met with condemnation, disgust, and the pointing out of sins. It is an area that I feel the church in North America has yet to grasp the hope and grace that we can offer to a people that are largely untouched by the church. We have a hope to those were hurting and grace and healing that God offers.  The author touches on her own personal story of abuse,  homosexual lifestyle and the pain and suffering. She brings to us unique perspective of receiving that healing and that grace and mercy and finding that relationship with Christ.  So then we get the unique opportunity to learn from someone who is been there and has been healed to find out what we as a church can do to reach people in that community. I think we have come to a time where the world knows our opinions on homosexuality but it doesn't know our grace.  If the world doesn't know our love and our Grace more than it does our judgements then we've done something wrong.  If we can look for a way to accept people despite their sins then maybe we have a chance of reaching people who think they are rejected by us. This author does an awesome job of guiding us in a way that we can help.  I can't say enough good things about this book, I wish that every pastor and every deacon and every elder would have a copy of this. In fact I wish that every Christian would get a copy of this, it is in desperate need in our world to have healing from sexual sins, abuse, etc.

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The Promise of Dawn

The Promise of Dawn, by Lauraine Snelling.  An uncle in America sent a letter to his family in Norway requesting help on his farm to fell trees and to run the farmland in exchange he promises after the repayment of the passage to give them a portion of land. Rune decides that  his families will be the ones to go to America to help and to start a new life. They are unprepared for the hard life that awaits for them and the hardness of the family they're going to join. Yet we also find the chipping away of that hardness as they build a family relationship.  I love books to give you a historic picture of what life was like years ago. There seems to be a simplicity of the time yet the work was so hard and demanding. Lorraine Snelling does a great job with drawing us into the story and drawing us  into a time so much more different than where we are today. I often struggle with Christian fiction novels because so many of them are about romance. But this book isn't, it's about family.  It was such an enjoyable read. I loved getting to know every character and following their story,  I can't wait until the other books in the series come out. This is a fiction book that just leaves you full. I highly recommend this book it is a great read.

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Friends, partners & lovers

Friends, partners & lovers, by Kevin A. Thompson.  I've been married 17 years now and for those 17 years have struggled to come across marriage books that are any good. For the most part it's just books telling wives to submit to your husbands and that all will be better because that's the only godly way. That's not something I believe or that I would even practice.  A godly marriage is two people put each other first submitting to one another and caring for each other's needs. Kevin Thompson gets this, and his book he talks about our roles as spouses and how we can make a marriage that lasts.  It is being purposeful and it was working hard, it's not about lack of fights, but rather about being intentional in what we say and do with our spouses.  He give us key area on what makes a marriage work and how we can practically apply those to our marriage.  This is a great book for those who been married for years or even for those who are going to be married soon. Although I'm sure not that we agree with every aspect of what he says there's so much in here that is so great. It is well worth reading and well worth putting into practice. It is something that is improving my 17 year marriage and is sure  to have positive impact on anyone else reads it. Definitely a book I will be recommending to friends and family.

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Doing busy better

doing busy better, by Glynis whitwer.  I find that it is a mom and a wife that my life seems to be pretty busy. I also found that I enjoy being busy all the time for a period of time. But there's just something that happens to you when you don't take that time to have that godly rest. In this book Glynnis  reveals to us the truth it's sitting right in front of our faces. That Jesus gives us rest. Jesus said my yoke is light and my burden is easy yet we find it so hard to put that into practice.  The author points out or unhealthy practises and or false believes about identity and who we are when we tie it into what we do. There is much benefit to the rest that she talks about including a rest for your soul and your spirit.  We need to find the things that really matter and stop associating ourselves and our identity with things that don't matter.  In this book we find a way to prioritize and figure out what actually matters and how to make those moments count when we are busy. Most of all we find the  The most beneficial thing and that is to rest at the feet of Jesus. Sometimes all we really need is someone to give us permission to rest. For someone to tell us that it's OK to not be busy all the time, in this book we find the tearing apart of lies that we tell ourselves and others tell us. This is a great  Book and although it is geared towards moms and wives it is a truth that all people need. This was a great book and a very timely book. I highly recommend it and this author.

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The return

the return by Suzanne woods fisher.  And this third book of the almost forgetting series we find Betsy Zouk has been kidnapped by the Indians along with her brother, and her family brutally attacked and killed.  She is given to one of the clans and is accepted as part of them. And although she finds that her new home and family are friendly and caring  she longs to be home where she belongs. A friend she makes while captured finds a way to free her. She's returned back to her Amish community and discovers that one brother survived the attack.  Her friend also manages to be able to free her brother who is being held by another clan. They were returned home together to start a new life as Amish again. We find a high amount of  conflict between the Indians and the settlers of that time. Neither trust the other and both have done horrible things. It just happens that the Amish people got caught in the middle of that. Now Betsy must try and find a new normal and figure out her faith and beliefs.
   I have loved this series. Suzanne woods Fisher is one of my favourite authors. She has done an amazing job of pulling these three books together and creating a story that captures you from the beginning to the end. I found myself lost in the series and unable to put it down. There was a lot of late-night reading. I highly recommend this book it was well written with so many truths and always pointing towards a loving God.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017


invitation by Bill Myers, frank Peretti, Angela Hunt and Alton Gansky. In this novel we meet four people who come together under unusual circumstances. Brenda, the professor, Andi, and cowboy. Each one has an amazing ability that helps them throughout this novel. Such as Brenda's ability to see the future. There's four parts to this book as each of the different authors takes on one of the different four characters writing from their perspectives. We discover how each of the four characters are connected, what reason God has brought them together for,and how each of the details in their stories come together and why they are important.
I really enjoyed this book. These aren't typically authors I read books from, but I'm glad I did. I have mixed feelings on it though. As much as I loved the book I struggle with how much we should be focusing on evil and giving it stories? I don't have an answer for that. It still was well written and I loved the four different authors writing. It came together well! It was super entertaining and suspenseful. Definitely keeps your attention right through till the end.

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Women who move mountains

Women who move mountains, praying with confidence, boldness and grace, by Sue Detwieler. There's so may things we let hinder our relationship with God. Be it fear, hurt, resentment, etc. In this book Sue Detwieler tackles so many of those issues and how it hinders us and how to over come them. We get chapters talking to us about those obstacles and the biblical reference and how to over come, then the next is how wet can apply them to our lives and put them into action. There's even a 21 day guide at the end of the book. I can't actually say enough good things about this book. It's been life changing. I felt for so long like I was just stuck in hers revolving rut of fear, lack of faith, unbelief, etc. She takes on those topics with so much revelation and grace and guides us through them. I did a slow read on this book. Excuse there was just so much to process. I did two chapters a day till it was done and also kept a journal with it. This has been a tremendously helpful book and will be one I'll be recommending a lot!

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